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This will apply for all booking with Bali Safari Dive.

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Activity in Bali Diving Tour/ Diving Package/Marine Sports/Fishing/

T/T or at our shop

Dive Safari in Bali Dive & Stay around Bali. Deposit required for activity includes accommodation.
Dive Safari Cruise Travel by cruise ship around Komodo National Park / Flores / Alor / South Sulawesi / Papua

Activity in Bali

We accept booking through internet (email).

Internet price apply for internet booking.

Feel free to send inquiry by Inquiry Form or Email. And please write your information such as Name, Contact information, telephone (fax) and inquiry/Booking details if you send by email.

Dive Safari in Bali

Please let us know require hotel type (Economy/Standard/Deluxe) and requested dive sites by Inquiry form or E-mail.

The price from Web Site are from first day diving and accommodation till last dive. If you require accommodation before and after Dive Safari Activity, please feel free to Contact Us.

Reservation which include accommodation, we require deposit as booking confirmation.


Directly at our shop in Bali

  • Cash (Indonesia Rupiah or US Dollar which is issued after 2005 only.)

  • Travelers cheque (US$ only, Require passport copy, We don't accept T/C issued by VISA)

  • Credit Card (VISA, Master, Diners are +3%, Amex is +3.5% charge will be applied. Rate will be calculated by daily exchange rage.)

Dive Safari Activity

We require deposit for activity which includes accommodation acceptable by T/T.

About cancellation and charges, click here.

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