Introductory Dives

From half day lesson available, challange to dive!

Safety and joyful Dive with 2 PADI Instructors

PADI Experience Program is programmed step by step and it will be credit for the future dive program when you like to take certification. PADI Continuing Program is effective for your time economy purpose.

Please feel free to contact us when you are interested in Under Water World.

Our 2 PADI Instructor will take care of your course.

Step up (Certification Course)

Price includesInfo for introductory Dive

Just Introductory Diving

Fro those who would like to experience the thrill of the underwater world, but who are not yet sure whether they wish to become certified, we have these experience dives available.

Each open water dive follow the same program as the day trips below, but with a personal guide for you and your partner who will stay close to you at all times.

Experience dives are performed I shallow, Open water where there is a profusion of colorful fish life due to the large amount of light and is an experience you shall not forget!

Dive Site Price / Internet Booking Price Time
Sanur/Nusa Dua
/ US$64 (1dives)  
/ US$74 (2dives)  

Padang Bai

/ US$84 (2dives)  


Nusa Penida

Menjangan Is.

US$125 / US$120 (2dives) 8:00~14:00


same price for 1 person (no extra charge)

Penida, Lembongan Island, Menjangan Is. require minimum of 2 pax.

Price for 2 dives for a day trip.

Under 18 years old, need to follow PADI Standard to attend program.

Price includes for PADI Dive Courses & Introductory

Price includes

  • Rental Dive Gear
  • Books for O/W Diver course (see detail of courses)
  • Original Log Book
  • Transportation from & to your hotel, Lunch (for 2 dive program) & Soft Drinks
  • Instructor
  • Tax
  • application fee for the certification / Credit Document depend on process

Price excludes

  • 3 passport size photos for certification. Possible to arrange in Bali.


If you are interested to have own gear, we will assist you to select suitable equipment with BSD discount price.

You will find dive related equipments that are from International qualified companies, those are imported by distributors in Jakarta & Bali.

Also wet suits are able to be made to order depend on your size. It take 3days++, if you order before your activities then you will be able to use your own.

If you like to have Certification after Introductory

After Introductory, you are able to continue to certification courses.

If you have mentioned before introductory lesson, the price is

[Dive Course you wish]-[Introductory price]

But this condition is only you have informed before start introductory Dive.

Example calculation

Location of Introductory dive

Open Water Diver Price Deduction Additional Payment to continue O/W
Sanur, Nusa Dua 1 dive
+ US$60 (Manual & Certification)
- US$69 = US$291
2 dives - US$80 = US$280
Tulamben, Padang Bai, Amed

Nusa Penida, Menjangan Is.

- US$90 = US$270

much more important rule of diving than price or anything else

Important procedure after the dive

Please make sure you have more than 18 hours between next flight schedule after your last dive.

This is very important rule of safety diving to avoid any decompression sickness.

(above information will change depend on update information from diving association or any scientific/research data.)

Discover Scuba Diving


Age 10 years~

This is an Experience Dive Program following PADI Standard.

You will learn minimum require knowledge and skill in confined water before enter to Open Water to Dive.

After this program, Part of Open water Course (Academic 1, Confined Water 1 and Open Water Dive 1) will be credited when you want to continue to Scuba Diver & Open Water Diver Course.

(Credit limit of 1 year)

Days / Time 1 day
Do I Get the Certification? Issue Document for credit
Max. Depth 12m
Minimum Require pax? 1 pax~
What is next step??? to Get Certification PADI Scuba Diver Course

After complete and meet requirement of Academic 2-3, Confined water 2-3, Open Water Dive No.2, you will be certified as PADI Scuba Diver and able to dive Max. depth of 12m with Pro Divers.

To be Independent Diver Open Water Diver Course

When you complete and meet requirements of academic of 2-5 session, Confined Water 2-5 and 3 Open Water Dives, you will be certified as Open Water Diver who can independently plan and dive with your buddy.

Bubble Maker

US$35 (1pax only)

Age 8 years~ The PADI Bubble maker program is for youngsters - kids ages 8 - 11. It introduces young adventurers to the thrill of breathing underwater. With a qualified PADI Instructor, and in the convenience of a pool, kids take the plunge to experience another world - the underwater world! Start you young adventurer out on the right fin and let them join in the family fun.

Need to attend with Parent/Guardian

Days / Time 1day
Do I Get the Certification? Issue Document for credit
Max. Depth 2m
Minimum Require pax? 1 pax~
What is next step??? Dive into Open Water Environment! Discover Scuba Diving (1day)

Learn basic skill and met aquatic lives!

Scuba Diver

Half of Open Water Diver Course and be able to get certification.

This is recommended those who don't have enough time or want to know about diving seriously before proper course as introduction.

After certified, you are able to dive depth of 12m with Pro level divers.

Open Water Diver Course

The most common dive course as entry.

First step to be diver as independently plan and dive with Buddy.

After complete and meet requirements, you will be able to dive as standard depth of 18m with your buddy (junior 12m).

PADI Scuba Diver

US$175 + US$60 (Manual & Certification)

(Include Certification)

Age 15y~


Being Certified by doing part of Open Water Diver Course and you will get certification.

For someone who has limited time but want to dive.

After Certified, you will be able to dive with Dive Professionals to max of 12m depth.

Schedule e.g.

Day 1: AM: Theory, PM: Confined Water Session

Day 2: Open Water Dive x 2 dives

Time / Days 2 days
Will I get License? Certification Course
Max. Depth 12m
Minimum Require 1 pax ~
What you need to do... - Knowledge development

- Confined Water

- 2 Scuba Dives

What is next step??? To be independent diver... Open Water Diver Course

Continue from Scuba Diver, you will need to complete Knowledge Development of 4-5, confined water 4-5, Open Water 2 Dives and meet requirement, you will be certified as Open Water Diver and you will be able to plan the dive and do diving with your body.

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