Bali Optional Tour

Bali has many destinations to visit!

Optional Bali Cultural Tour

Uluwatu & Nusa Dua Tour
Kecak Dance & Dinner
Denpasar City Tour
Tanahlot Temple
Budugul & Tanahlot
Karangasem Tour
Kintamani Tour
Singaraja Tour

and on your request....

Bali Safari and Marine Park

We organize for booking to visit Bali Safari and Marine Park.


Ayung River

Tragawaja River

Esthetic and Massage

Special courses and Price for only our booking clients.

Bali Wedding

Balinese Style Wedding all in one from US$1000~. we cerabrate your memorial special wedding with more than 80 members with music etc.

Marine Sports

Try several choice of Marine Sports, from begginer welcome.


Catch Big ones at Bali Sea!

Dolphin Watching

You can see wild dolphins here. But if you love to be friend with dolphins, you can visit to Dolphin Lodge / Hotel Melka.

Booking Hotel & Villa

offer special rate for who book activity with Bali Safari Dive.

Tour to Other Island in Indonesia






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